The secret lives of bakers

18 Sep

Can you keep a secret?

For the last year I’ve been running a secret group for bakers, a branch of the Clandestine Cake Club.

As you may already be aware, I’ve been a member of the Clandestine Cake Club for a while and so I joined both the Newcastle branch and the Gosforth and Jesmond branch, my local group, as soon as I moved up to the toon.

Sadly the Gosforth and Jesmond leader had to step down before I could attend a meeting, with no-one stepping up to take it over. I had two choices: watch the group fold before I’d had chance to enjoy the cakes my neighbours had to offer or step up myself. It was a no brainer really!

That was April last year and we’ve been meeting pretty much every month since. In that time we’ve grown from a group of four or five into a core of around 10 and every one of my members is lovely!

Our last meeting was by far the best one yet, courtesy of a little cheeky email to Jesmond Dene House.

I never thought for one second they’d even reply when I fired off the email on a particularly brave night. So to say I was surprised when I not only received a response but that they’d be more than willing to host us would be a huge understatement!

They couldn’t have been kinder and we loved every minute of our two hours there.

Here are just some of the delicious cakes we enjoyed:

What made the March meeting even more exciting was the fact that I also got the chance to team up with Jesmond-based business Le Mini Macaron.

As a local business, who I knew made delicious macarons having tested them at both the Sunday Quayside market and a few local food fairs, I had initially approached them to see if they’d be interested in hosting a meeting.

They’d had to turn me down as they operate from home but were willing to help in another way, and agreed to make me some mini macarons for the top of my cake.

They were gorgeous!


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