Putting a dampener on baking with the Bake Off

17 Sep

I’m a bit late this week with my blog post but wow what a struggle I had with bread week!

I had been excited all week to try out Tom’s chocolate orange bread and happily collected all the ingredients at the supermarket ready to give it a go. Sadly I hadn’t read the recipe though and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to crush cardamom pod seeds without a pestle and mortar! (Any suggestions welcome!)

I really didn’t fancy making the technical challenge but by this point it was too late to buy more ingredients and I had everything I needed for dampfnudel so the decision was made.

The fact that I haven’t changed my pans for about a decade and only have one with a lid(!) meant the odds were stacked against me for this one. Still, it was worth a try.

Making the dough was surprisingly easy 

Cooking the things, however, was a different story. They managed to swell up quite well:
But I made the same error as the bakers and my pan was the unfortunate victim 

Still, they tasted pretty nice. Having made a ridiculous amount of jam recently (blog post coming soon), I couldn’t be bothered making the sauce to go with the dampfnudel and instead opted for my apple and blackberry jam and some thick double cream. Yum!

I won’t be baking these again but they have made me less terrified of bread. I think I might try a loaf soon…

I know it’s a week old now but I loved the bread week episode, especially as we finally got a glimpse of Val’s kitchen dancing (something I’m partial to myself). I cheered when she won the technical, I’m definitely team Val! She’s as mad as a box of frogs but I love her!

I also LOVED Mary’s phrase, it’s not a mess, it’s informal. I’ll be using that forever more for my baking!

I was sad to see Michael go but sadly I think it was the right decision.

Now I can’t go without talking about the news of the week – channel 4 gate! What do you make of it? Bad decision from Love Productions in my opinion but good on Mel and Sue! 


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