Baking with the Bake Off: giving biscuits a whirl

7 Sep

Second week of the Great British Bake Off was biscuit week, and oh what fun they had.

How amazing was Candice’s pub with the sticky ginger floor? And Andrew’s biscuits looked lovely!

Val had a lucky escape but I’m glad she’s still around for another week.

For my baking along with the bake off challenge, it had to be Mary’s Viennese whirls.

Biscuits are definitely not my forte and this week was no exception. I made the same story as the Bake Off bakers and forgot to put the mixture in the fridge, meaning they lost their whirl. I also piped then far too big and close together so they were giant and stuck together!

Still, with homemade jam (more to come on that later this week) and some buttercream, they didn’t taste half bad. 

Dreading week three, where I’ll be making bread for the first time. Let’s hope the bakers have tried more than I have!


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