Reading Challenge: Book 16 complete

17 Aug

If you’re anything like me, you were one of the first in line to see Me Before You at the cinema, having been obsessed with the book.

Finding out there was a sequel was even more exciting; what would happen to Louisa? What type of adventures would we follow her on?

I was also a little worried about being disappointed – I had loved the first one so much, what if the second one was awful?

That me the biggest fear for an author too.

 I needn’t have worried though, and I’d Jojo Moyes was at all worried she needn’t be either.

After You wasn’t what I expected but it far exceeded those expectations.

It also thoroughly deserves to be my ‘book guaranteed to bring you joy’ tickbox on the Popsugar list.I

I use the word joy loosely – she broke my heart (visibly on a plane) before sticky taping it back together again. But the overall feeling on closing the book was definitely a happy one.

After you, much like its predecessor, will remain proudly on my bookshelf with the rest of my favourites, forever more.


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