Reading Challenge: Book 15 complete

15 Aug

Having whizzed through my last few books on holiday, I was surprised by how long it took me to get through book 15, Go Set A Watchman.


I loved To Kill A Mockingbird and had assumed I would love this. I was right, but it took me a long time to realise it (52 days according to the date on my last blog post).

Go Set A Watchman was slow to get into and then made incredibly difficult reading. It was meant to make you uncomfortable, but it didn’t make it easy to read. Only in the last couple of sections did I really begin to realise what a great piece of writing this book was, and how Harper Lee had definitely not let any of her fans down.

It may have been hard to read but it was 100% worth it. And sadly the lessons it teaches are as applicable now, post Brexit, as they were when the book is set. You would hope we’d moved on from the 1950s, sadly we have but only to a different race.

This one doesn’t really fit into any of the Popsugar categories. Luckily it was the first book I saw in the airport bookshop though so I’m ticking that box 🙂


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