Valentines baking with Weight Watchers

15 Feb

My boyfriend and I aren’t really valentines types; we don’t go for mushy, make you want to puke cards and we certainly don’t go out for overpriced Valentine meals.

One thing I do like to do though is cook for him.

As much as I love baking, I’m not much of a cook, leaving the boyfriend to do the majority of our cooking.

This year I decided to make a Weight Watchers friendly valentines meal.

Now chicken pie and chocolate cake might not sound very slimming friendly but, costing just 18 out of my daily allowance of 30 points, it’s definitely safe to enjoy.

The pie could probably look more appetising but it was pretty tasty (albeit could have done with some gravy as it was a little bit dry). It was really filling too!

The cake, however, tasted as good as it looked 😊 It was quite rich so even a greedy chocoholic like me doesn’t feel the need for seconds!

We had the cake with frozen yoghurt and raspberries. Yum!


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