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Foodie Penpals: One of our best yet

26 Feb

This month we were lucky to be paired up with Jess, an American living in Germany.

I got super excited when I found out our penpal was in Germany as its great to try new food, that’s the whole reason for taking part in the swap.

And Jess didn’t disappoint.

Firstly look at how nice the packaging was. I really need to try harder with my packaging from now on!

Inside was full of lots of delicious goodies, including rose jam, honey waffles and the all important German chocolate and sweets. As a couple obsessed with kinder eggs, these were the first to go!


Thank you Jess. It’s definitely one of our best yet (in fact Troy says it is the best one we’ve had yet).

In cases our lovely parcel has inspired you to join in, you can find out more here.


2016 Reading Challenge: Book 3 complete

23 Feb

After much deliberation, I decided to pick an easy going read for book three of the 2016 reading challenge – Testing Kate by Whitney Gaskell. And with its blue cover, it ticks the ‘book with a blue cover’ box.

Aside from the slightly annoying narrative style, constantly feeling the need to tell me who was speaking despite it being glaringly obvious most of the time, I enjoyed this book. 

Reading it won’t make you smarter but it will make you smile.

Having allowed myself to buy my first book in a really long time after a self-imposed book banning, I’m quite excited to read book 4, Lionel Davidson’s The Rose of Tibet.

Valentines baking with Weight Watchers

15 Feb

My boyfriend and I aren’t really valentines types; we don’t go for mushy, make you want to puke cards and we certainly don’t go out for overpriced Valentine meals.

One thing I do like to do though is cook for him.

As much as I love baking, I’m not much of a cook, leaving the boyfriend to do the majority of our cooking.

This year I decided to make a Weight Watchers friendly valentines meal.

Now chicken pie and chocolate cake might not sound very slimming friendly but, costing just 18 out of my daily allowance of 30 points, it’s definitely safe to enjoy.

The pie could probably look more appetising but it was pretty tasty (albeit could have done with some gravy as it was a little bit dry). It was really filling too!

The cake, however, tasted as good as it looked 😊 It was quite rich so even a greedy chocoholic like me doesn’t feel the need for seconds!

We had the cake with frozen yoghurt and raspberries. Yum!

2016 Reading Challenge: By accident!

13 Feb

Despite really enjoying last year’s reading challenge,  I decided I would give it a miss this year after reading the list. It seemed too hard.

But without meaning to I’ve already ticked two boxes so what the hell, I might as well give it a go!

Technically the first one was cheating. First of all, I started it last year and secondly, it doesn’t really fit in the box I’m categorising it into but this is my challenge so I don’t care.

Self Help is not the book I was expecting it to be.

Before I go any further, I feel I ought to tell you I don’t read self help books so when I picked it up that wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. I can’t really tell you what I expected; I picked it up based purely on the cover (I know that old cliche is whirling round your head as you read on!), which was why I started reading it late last year – to tick the box ‘a book based entirely on its cover’. I can’t even tell you what it was about the cover that made me buy it, I just thought it looked interesting. And I was right.

Since I didn’t finish it until this week, I’m no longer allowing that one. Instead I’m ticking my first box from the 2016 list – a self improvement book’. Yes, I’ve already said I’m cheating. It’s most certainly not a self improvement book but it does include a story about one, slightly. 

It’s quite a long read, not necessarily in pages but in the frame of mind you need to be in to read it. I really enjoyed it but it’s definitely not a light hearted bedtime read.

It was long listed for a Man Booker Prize. It’s definitely worth reading if you spot it in a book shop, even if it’s purely based on the cover 🙂

As is my way, I switched from a heavy read to the lightest one I could find on my book shelf…

And, thanks to a six-hour round trip to London today, this book helped me tick the next box – ‘a book you can finish in a day’. 

Go me!

While I choose book number 3, why not pop on over to Popsugar and see if you fancy having a go?