Foodie penpal: September reveal

4 Oct

For September we were fortunate (given how long a month September is and how broke we were) to have two English Penpals, saving us a little on postage costs.

We were matched with Charlotte and Kate.

Charlotte, of Cheshire, explained how it was her first penpal box (no pressure!) and how she preferred healthy options, except for sweet Thai chilli crisps and didn’t really like sweet things. She was also going to be on holiday when the box arrived so we couldn’t pack anything perishable. This one is going to be a challenge, we thought!

It’s definitely quite hard to pack a box of interesting healthy things for under £10. Or at least it is for me, the lover of all things sweet and unhealthy!

I did manage to find quite a few Thai sweet chilli types of food though as well as a sweet baking substitute which I thought might come in handy. Charlotte had also asked for something local so in the absence of being able to send anything perishable we sent her a tin of pease pudding.

I don’t think it was our best box as we found it quite hard but Charlotte said she liked it so hopefully we haven’t put her off!

Our box from Kate and was quite possibly the prettiest box we’ve had yet!

Wrapped in map wrapping paper, we couldn’t wait to rip it open!

Only to find the box itself was also wrapped 🙂

Inside was a lovely selection of goodies, which have now been mostly demolished by us – possibly the quickest we’ve eaten our penpal stuff yet!


If you’d like to find out more about foodie penpals, get yourself over here.


One Response to “Foodie penpal: September reveal”

  1. bevchen October 4, 2015 at 9:22 pm #

    Pease pudding. Yummy!

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