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Experimenting with crisps 

19 Oct

Despite having a MEGA sweet tooth, I have a real weakness for crisps, especially of the vegetable variety.

And with autumn having well and truly arrived I thought I’d have a go at making my own this weekend.

The instructions came courtesy of Asda magazine and were pretty simple; simply peel veg as thin as possible, dry with kitchen towel, season, pour over oil (or in my case, spray with fry light) and pop in the oven. 


The carrots were disappointing (they shrunk loads and weren’t as crispy as I hoped they’d be, despite drying them out as much as I could) but the parsnips were LOVELY! So much so I couldn’t possibly save them for work, try had to be eaten in one sitting!

I loved them so much I almost forgot to take a picture! They’d almost gone at this point…

I’d like to try beetroot next, and maybe butternut squash…


Baking the Weight Watchers way: baked custards

11 Oct

As someone with a MASSIVE sweet tooth, I really struggle to balance Weight Watchers with baking.

Weight Watchers often have amazing recipes both online and in the monthly magazine but they tend to be savoury and the sweet ones can be a bit boring or bizarre.

So when I find a decent sweet Weight Watchers recipe, I jump for joy! Today was one of those days ☺️

Every week, the ‘featured recipes’ section on my app gets updated. I was intrigued when I saw this one:

After taking a look at the recipe it looked pretty simple – 3 eggs, 600ml semi skimmed milk, 1tsp vanilla extract, 25g caster sugar and a pomegranate – and thought hey I can do that!

Sunday dinner seemed like a good place to start.

I could only find 2 ramekins (despite knowing full well I have a zillion in the cupboards somewhere) so decided to try 2 small ones and a large one. Can you see the face? The boyfriend sees faces in everything!

After pouring in some warm water, these beauties were popped in the oven for 30mins (bigger one took longer obviously, was more like an hour).

While waiting for them to bake I also learned how to prepare a pomegranate ☺️


And this is what they looked like:
The verdict? Speaks for itself…

I think I could have maybe cooked the little ones for a little longer but wow was it delicious! Can’t wait to eat the bigger one during the week and make this again soon.

As well as being a great mid-week dessert, this would be great for entertaining. Well done Weight Watchers, it’s a huge thumbs up from us!

2015 Reading Challenge: Book 11 (and 12!) complete

4 Oct

September proved to be a good month for my reading challenge as Alice in Wonderland provided me with not one but two books!

Having held an Alice in Wonderland 30th un-birthday for myself in June, my friend bought me the book to celebrate. 

As well as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it contains Through the Looking Glass.

And seeing as they’re both over 100 years old, I decided Alice’s Adventures in wonderland could tick the ‘banned book’ box. Woo hoo!

Now on to number 13 – the Understudy by David Nicholls. A book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet.

Foodie penpal: September reveal

4 Oct

For September we were fortunate (given how long a month September is and how broke we were) to have two English Penpals, saving us a little on postage costs.

We were matched with Charlotte and Kate.

Charlotte, of Cheshire, explained how it was her first penpal box (no pressure!) and how she preferred healthy options, except for sweet Thai chilli crisps and didn’t really like sweet things. She was also going to be on holiday when the box arrived so we couldn’t pack anything perishable. This one is going to be a challenge, we thought!

It’s definitely quite hard to pack a box of interesting healthy things for under £10. Or at least it is for me, the lover of all things sweet and unhealthy!

I did manage to find quite a few Thai sweet chilli types of food though as well as a sweet baking substitute which I thought might come in handy. Charlotte had also asked for something local so in the absence of being able to send anything perishable we sent her a tin of pease pudding.

I don’t think it was our best box as we found it quite hard but Charlotte said she liked it so hopefully we haven’t put her off!

Our box from Kate and was quite possibly the prettiest box we’ve had yet!

Wrapped in map wrapping paper, we couldn’t wait to rip it open!

Only to find the box itself was also wrapped 🙂

Inside was a lovely selection of goodies, which have now been mostly demolished by us – possibly the quickest we’ve eaten our penpal stuff yet!


If you’d like to find out more about foodie penpals, get yourself over here.