Baking with the bake off: My attempt at a choux-stopper

27 Sep

Having initially set out to bake along with the bake off every week, I’m a little disappointed that this is only my second blog post.

Despite that, I’m pretty chuffed with myself this evening after successfully negotiating choux for the first time!

I’ve never made choux before so the religieuse seemed like a good place to start. 

I got Mary Berry’s recipe from the BBC Food website. You can view it here.

It’s a little complicated for my liking and I did have a mini creme pat disaster which required rescuing by the boyfriend. The choux didn’t rise very much either, they were more like mini doughnuts.

Still, having never made either choux or creme patissiere before, I was quite pleased with the result.

Sure they wouldn’t pass the bake off standards but they definitely passed mine 🙂 

I did cheat though, it seemed a little silly going to the effort of stacking them and dressing them as prettily as Mary did as I knew we’d be demolishing them immediately.



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