2015 Reading Challenge: Book 6 complete

18 May

This month’s book was ‘a mystery or thriller’. I chose Gone Girl and boy did it meet all my expectations – and then some.  

Anyone who has ever taken a look at my bookshelf will testify to it being full of chick lit and politics. Oh and the occasional Viking story courtesy of the boyfriend. I own very few thrillers except for the ones I’ve inherited from relatives and have not yet read. I bought Gone Girl because the film was amazing!

I’m not one for watching films based on books unless it’s an accident (I still haven’t watched The Book Thief and The Fault in Our Stars is taking up much-needed space on my Sky planner), but with Gone Girl I figured I was safe; I don’t read thrillers.

It’s not because I don’t like them, I don’t like being scared before bed. Not kidding, I’m such a scaredy cat, I can’t even watch Crimewatch!

Gone Girl was so clever though that I couldn’t resist. And I’m so pleased that the book was not only almost exactly the same as the film, but so much better.

I won’t spoil it in case anyone reading this hasn’t read/watched it. If you haven’t, please do. I’m not one to agree with the Daily Mail but the sticker on my book is right – “read it now, it’s that good”.

I might actually start reading more thrillers, even if they might give me nightmares.

Next on my list? A memoir.


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