Steaming hot goodness

6 May

Once a month, something exciting occurs for foodies like me. An old factory is turned into a street food palace, packed with treats for all taste buds, for The Boiler Shop Steamer.

As well as being a great chance to enjoy some fab food and drink, it’s a really good way for someone like me who’s new to the area to find new restaurants to try.

After a few trips to the steamer, I’ve learnt two things. 

  1. Don’t eat before you go 
  2. Pace yourself
  3. Go early – it’s free and less crowded, plus the food starts to run out the later you leave it!

We went at lunchtime, which meant it was free and was full of families, which I really liked. 

I started my meal with a beef dish from Electric East, somewhere I’ve had my eye on for a while and was really looking forward to trying.

The boyfriend, meanwhile started his meal with salt and pepper chicken wings courtesy of Coop.
Next up for us both were cherry cola cocktails from The Cumberland Arms and burgers from The Fat Hippo – another place I’m dying to try but every time we go it’s full. I’m even more determined to go now I’ve tried the burgers!

I had a plain burger with amazing burger sauce and chorizo, while the boyfriend tried the peanut butter and jelly burger (wow!) 

Both came in a brioche bun. Delicious!


(It was so good I forgot to take a picture until it was almost finished!)

No meal is complete without dessert so I finished my wonderful lunch with a Nutella ice cream…


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