2015 Reading Challenge: Book 5 complete

12 Apr

So book five was all about trying something new, a spacey story.

As someone who usually sticks to chick flicks of journalism-related books, The Martian was clearly a huge change in direction.   The reason? The author’s initials. They helped me tick the box ‘a book written by an author with your initials’.

In case you’re joining me having not seen my previous posts, I’m doing the Popsugar Reading Challenge

I’m really enjoying this challenge, particularly as it’s taking me out of my comfort zone. I would never have picked up The Martian if I wasn’t doing this challenge, and I loved it. There were only two flaws to it – it lost me at a lot of points as it got quite technical and it didn’t tell me how the story ends! That second flaw was a big one, man do I hate it when books do that!

Nevertheless it’s a good book. It should be, it’s a Sunday Times bestseller. I can see why.

So book six is ‘a mystery or thriller’. I’ve chosen Gone Girl.

Wish me luck, I generally try to stay away from thrillers before bedtime!


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