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2015 Reading Challenge: Book 5 complete

12 Apr

So book five was all about trying something new, a spacey story.

As someone who usually sticks to chick flicks of journalism-related books, The Martian was clearly a huge change in direction.   The reason? The author’s initials. They helped me tick the box ‘a book written by an author with your initials’.

In case you’re joining me having not seen my previous posts, I’m doing the Popsugar Reading Challenge

I’m really enjoying this challenge, particularly as it’s taking me out of my comfort zone. I would never have picked up The Martian if I wasn’t doing this challenge, and I loved it. There were only two flaws to it – it lost me at a lot of points as it got quite technical and it didn’t tell me how the story ends! That second flaw was a big one, man do I hate it when books do that!

Nevertheless it’s a good book. It should be, it’s a Sunday Times bestseller. I can see why.

So book six is ‘a mystery or thriller’. I’ve chosen Gone Girl.

Wish me luck, I generally try to stay away from thrillers before bedtime!


I think I’m turning Japanese

11 Apr

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved Chinese food more than English (bar Yorkshire puddings, obviously! Oh, and sweetcorn). In fact, I’ve often joked I was oriental in a former life. I am only slightly over 5ft after all. It’s only as I embrace the wrong side of my 20s, however, that I realise it’s not just Chinese I love.

I’ve had my eyes firmly fixed on Osaka since I moved up to Newcastle. Every month since the move the boyfriend and I have date night, and I uncharacteristically make him choose where we go each time. What can I say? I like a surprise. Every month I hope it’s Osaka. It never is! 

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been to some lovely places but there was just something about Osaka that made me want to go.

A misunderstanding leading to the boyfriend thinking he’d offended me meant this month was my month. The first clue – “it begins with a vowel” (could it be, could it be?). The second clue – “you can get a box there” (ooh please let it be). “Osaka?” I asked tentatively. “Yes!” Woo hoo!


As you can see it was busy, and thankfully the boyfriend had had the foresight to book (we’ve come acropper with this before and I get very moody when I’m hungry!)

The welcome we got was fantastic. “Ah Troy” the man beamed, “your table’s over there.” Waiting until Troy had gone to the toilet, the man was back. “Troy?” he asked, “like the film?” I laughed, and said yes. “Like Brad Pitt?” I laughed again. “He looks quite different,” I said. Troy came back and received a smile and a pat on the back.  I love this man!

Then came the food.

First up were tempura prawns with a gorgeous sauce but I have no idea what it was. Next were deep fried squid balls. They burnt the roof of my mouth they were so fresh and hot. But boy was it worth it.  

Then came the mains. Trying to think of my Weight Watchers next week, I opted for Teriyaki Chicken with sticky rice. Good choice! 

Troy went for Pork Tataki. Still not really sure what that was, but Troy said it was nice. He hates me taking his picture by the way. See, a bit different to Brad Pitt 😊

All in all, I think it was one of the best meals I’ve had since moving up north, with incredible services to boot, and I’ll definitely be back soon. Next on my aspiration list is Electric East.