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Foodie Penpals: March goodies

31 Mar

The boyfriend and I are now three months into Foodie Penpals and still really enjoying it.

This month we were paired up with Kim from Bedworth and Evette from Bolton. 

Kim told us to think of the flavours of Christmas in her box and that she was more of a cook than a baker. She also asked for some traditional recipes and some food from our area.

With Easter around the corner, we packed her a box full of goodies which I worried might be a bit too sweet. It included a few bits and bobs for her to try, our favourite recipes and a chocolate brownie bomb – something which is becoming a bit of a regular in my boxes but I can’t resist, they’re amazing!! I tried quite hard to find something local and eventually realised stotties were the answer! In case you have never come across a stotty (I hadn’t before coming up to Newcastle), it’s a MASSIVE bread cake. I had to pack one (and hope it would travel ok).

I always try to make our boxes as special as possible but it’s always a worry that they might not like them at the other end. A lovely email from Kim but those fears to rest though. She loved the brownie (everyone does) and said she liked all the little bits. She thought the stotties were great fun.

Stupidly I forgot to take a picture of what we packed her. Will try and remember next time…

A week later it was our turn. I love that feeling of holding the box in your hand, knowing its your foodie parcel but not knowing what’s inside.

As you can see our box was crammed full with exciting goodies! 


Having told her I was trying to behave (I recently joined Weight Watchers- a whole other blogging story waiting to be told), she found me these amazing low calorie noodles – so low calorie, they were zero points! Woo hoo!

We also had a protein bar for Troy, a bag of mini marshmallows, chocolate syrup (Troy’s favourite) and a box of cookie mix as well as some other bits and bobs. A great mixture for us to share 🙂 

Evette has her own blog, which you can view here.

And for more information about Foodie Penpals, click here.


2015 Reading Challenge: Book 4 complete

17 Mar

Hey im doing quite well here…book 4 down and it’s mid-March!

So I picked It’s Not Me It’s You based on the number of pages (ticking the ‘over 500 pages’ box). Little did I know it’s partly set in Newcastle (the ‘set in your hometown’ box). Now technically my hometown is Leeds but, seeing as I now live in Newcastle, I think it counts!

I loved every minute of this book. I opened it with no expectations and enjoyed it from cover to cover – shown in how quickly I was able to read all 531 pages 😊

I also really liked the quirkiness of it, the illustrations and especially the cover.

Book number 5 is one I’m not really looking forward to as its out of my usual genre; I’m venturing into my boyfriend’s geeky book collection for the sake of the ‘book written by an author with your same initials’ box. 

This month I’ll be reading The Martian by Andy Weir.