2015 Reading Challenge: Book 3 complete

15 Feb

Look at me, not even into March and I’m onto book 4! It’s all downhill from here methinks…

The Rosie Effect was everything I hoped it would be, albeit not as funny as the first one. It did however still make me laugh so I think it still counts as a ‘funny book’ and can therefore be ticked off the list.

Don’t be fooled, I’m actually a very slow reader. This week I was helped by a long train journey and a spa day. Seeing as I don’t have any more of those planned for a while, I suspect my next reading challenge update won’t be as quick!

Book 4 is a struggle. I have a good one up my sleeve but, having trawled through my book collection more than once, I can’t locate the book I’m after.

In the absence of that one, I’ve moved onto the very first challenge: A book with more than 500 pages.

Coming in at 531 pages, the lucky winner is Mhairi McFarlane with It’s not me it’s you. Perfect for the day after Valentine’s Day!

I might be a while with this one…


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