Takeaway shmakeaway

5 Feb

The end of January may have meant I had been paid after a wait that felt like forever – but I’m still broke (and trying to be well behaved).

With this in mind, the boyfriend and I decided to ditch the takeaway menu and try making our own curry last weekend, with a little added help of our foodie penpal recipe 😊

It also gave us the perfect excuse to use our new mini chopper, which I bought the boyfriend for Christmas!

In went the garlic, ginger and onions, whizzed to a purée with the help of our new friend

The mixture then went into the frying pan, before adding water and korma paste.
Almonds, sultanas, chicken stock and sugar followed closely behind the chicken and it started to look like this..

While it was simmering, we decided to have a go at making chapattis using the recipe given to us by our lovely foodie penpal, Teresa. She’d packed it in our parcel after reading my naan bread post, which I thought was really sweet.
They were pretty easy to make too – just mix wholewheat flour, salt and water in a bowl until combined

Then roll out into small balls

And then flatten them with the palm of your hand and slap into a frying pan

And this is what we ended up with:

Pretty nice too! It was only halfway through though that I realised I’d missed a crucial ingredient – the yoghurt! Doh! Ah well, I’ll remember next time…

In case you want a go, the recipe can be found here.


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