Friday baking – but naan as you know it

9 Jan

So it’s January and, like everyone, the boyfriend and I are truly skint.

We don’t fancy giving up our weekend treats though so we set about making our own takeaway.

We cheated by using boil in the bag rice and a packet sauce for our chicken curry but we saved some cash by making our own naans. This was where I came in.

After finding an easy looking recipe on Good Food I set to work on my first ever attempt at naan breads. I couldn’t wait to make use of my new ceramic bowl from Santa 😊

I ended up needing quite a lot more flour than the recipe said as my mixture was quite wet and I think kneading definitely needs more work but I felt quite chuffed setting my little bundle aside to proof.

Sadly I don’t have anywhere warm to prove so it didn’t go too well…
Still, they looked pretty nice after I rolled them (like the rolling pin?!)

I found myself doing a bake-off style oven watch, making sure to turn them regularly, but sadly it soon became clear that they were a baking miss. They didn’t look like any naan I’ve ever seen…

They didn’t taste like your average naan either! But they WERE edible and actually we both quite fancied another when we were done so I’m taking that as a positive!

Have you ever made naan? I’d love to hear your secrets!


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    […] to us by our lovely foodie penpal, Teresa. She’d packed it in our parcel after reading my naan bread post, which I thought was really sweet. They were pretty easy to make too – just mix […]

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