From berries to cherries

11 May

So I definitely got cocky after my successes last week, and tonight fell back into my kitchen with an almighty bang.

Having spent the weekend away, but being anxious to make sure I baked for Monday, I chose what I thought would be a quick and simple recipe – cherry muffins.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, my fault not the recipe’s.

First of all, I didn’t have enough flour – I was 35g short as a matter of fact. In my ‘I can’t be bothered to go to the shop’ wisdom I thought I’d replace plain flour for self raising. Only to find my self raising had gone off, complete with those nasty flour bugs you get.

I conceded defeat and popped myself down to the shops, which are luckily around the corner. I came back with the flour (and a few other bits for myself).

I finished mixing the ingredients and couldn’t understand why it looked funny, but luckily realised I’d forgotten to add the caster sugar! So went to weigh the sugar only to be told by my scales they had run out of batteries (cue me pulling my hair out!). So back to the shop I went.

I returned to the kitchen, now a little angry, made worse by the rain I got soaked in on the journey, and finished my mixing. I always thought the yellowy colour in the mixture came from the eggs, but no it’s the sugar apparently (interesting geek lesson for me!)

Then came the next – and luckily the final – obstacle. I was running out of muffin cases. Of course I was!

By this point I gave up. I already looked a plonker visiting the shop twice, I wasn’t making a third visit. But luckily I still had some rubbish bun cases from years ago. Phew! And, on the bright side, they’re much smaller so I got more bun for my mixture, meaning extra money for the fund-raising efforts 🙂

Thankfully these cakes taste lovely. Quite frankly I’m glad to see the back of them.



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