Proud little cook

7 May

I know what you’re thinking…twice in one day?!

Yes I know, I’m rubbish at blogging. But I was so proud of my dinner tonight I just had to turn to WordPress!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a terrible cook (about on par with my blogging skills) but I keep trying, and tonight Amy did good 🙂

For a bad cook, I have more recipes than I could ever hope to make but I’m forever buying Sainsbury’s magazines just for the recipes. I don’t always try them but boy am I glad I tried the chicken with melon, spinach and cous cous recipe in the May magazine.


I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a quick tea, it took me over an hour from start to finish, but the sense of achievement at the end made it all worth it!

Why am I so proud, you ask? Two reasons:

1. It involved picking chicken off bones, something I’m terrible at. As a child I was one of those ridiculously annoying picky eaters. Actually, who am I kidding, that lasted until about five years ago! But pick away at the bones I did, and I did so happily.

2. Did I not mention that I’m a terrible cook?! And it was lovely!

If you’ve got the magazine, I’d urge you to give it a go. If you haven’t I’m sorry I think the June one is out now 😦
But you never know, maybe something even better is in that one…


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