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Baking with beetroot

28 Mar

I’ve been wanting to try out beetroot baking recipes for as long as I can remember, but it was a chance encounter at Brown and Green in Derby last weekend that provided that Eureka moment where I realised now was the time as, sitting by the door, was a tray full of the stuff.

Off home I skipped excited to get back into the kitchen but, once there, I discovered most recipes ask for cooked beetroot. Without having a clue how best to cool it I frantically searched through my books and finally came across Laura Key’s Chocolate Beetroot Cake from my trusty Clandestine Cake Club book.

Quite a time consuming recipe but lots of fun. However, one thing I didn’t think about was gloves! Definitely one to remember for next time. ..


And here’s the finished article. I was quite proud of it to be honest, especially the glossy icing! Still not sure how I feel about beetroot in cakes though, it has a slight rooty aftertaste, although having said that my boyfriend’s been happily snacking away on it all week.

IMG_1397 And there’s something quite nice about eating veg in a cake, it makes you feel like                               you’re being healthy.


Would I make it again though? I’m not sure to be honest. I really enjoyed baking it, and the recipe was really easy to follow, but for me it was more fun to bake than eat, which probably isn’t a sign of success.




I would definitely recommend having a go though. Loads of people love baking with beetroot.

If you want Laura’s recipe, I would highly recommend the Clandestine Cake Club book. But you already know that!