Not bad for an experiment…

24 Apr

After a somewhat unsuccessful attempt at cooking dinner last night, I turned to my first love to cheer me up.

The boyfriend just happened to have bought cheap rhubarb from Aldi (59p for three stalks-unbelievable) so it would have been rude not to use it! Now I’ve never been a big fan of rhubarb (apart from rhubarb and custard sweets of course) but I’m quickly coming around. I decided I wanted to make rhubarb and custard cupcakes but could I find a recipe? Nope. So I made one up, mixing a number of other recipes together in an experimental fashion.

First of all my fail-safe Hummingbird vanilla cupcake recipe to give me a neutral base. If you don’t have the Hummingbird books you need them.

While those were cooking I made rhubarb compote. Simply 250g chopped rhubarb (with the help of my sous chef boyfriend) combined with 100g sugar and 1tbsp water in a pan over a medium heat. I let it simmer right down until it looked more like a jam and left to cool.

While both were cooling I made the custard frosting. I mixed 1tbsp Birds custard powder with 1tbsp icing sugar and enough milk to remove lumps. I then added more icing sugar and a lump of butter (wasn’t even slightly precise with amounts so couldn’t tell you how much I used of each) and kept adding until it resembled buttercream texture. As if by magic I somehow pulled it off!

Put them together and what have you got?

Not the most professional looking but they taste pretty awesome-even if I do say so myself.


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