Marian saved my dinner

21 Apr

My recent Clandestine Cake Club shenanigans introduced me to an amazing book, Saved by Cake by Marian Keyes.
A beautiful milk cake well and truly tickled my taste buds – and when I discovered the recipe came courtesy of one of my favourite authors I had to buy the book myself.
I had already known about Marian’s battle with depression but had no idea she had found baking as a way to cope with it. Her book takes you through her journey (or at least a glimpse of it) and Marian’s personality runs right the way through. It’s a treat to read and an even bigger treat to make the recipes.
So on inviting my friends to dinner this weekend, Saved by Cake was the first book I turned to. Unfortunately time constraints meant I didn’t have time to try making milk cake; instead I opted for two recipes – mini key lime pies (an excuse to use my new mini metal pie cases) and mini amaretto cheesecakes.
The idea behind the two was so I had a back-up in case one went wrong. In the end, however, I ended up serving them both and they went down a storm!
I’m not going to put the recipes up this time because any keen baker needs the book on their own shelves but here’s a picture:

By the way, Marian this blog post (even though you’ll probably never read it) is dedicated to you. Keep on baking.


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