Baking update

7 Apr

March was a busy baking month – and April looks like it’s going that way too.
I started the month frantically practising for a charity bake-off in Leicester, which was hosted by Holly Bell, a finalist in the latest Great British Bake Off competition.
After weeks of umming and ahhing I finally decided on an Irish theme as it was held on St Patrick’s Day and baked Guinness cupcakes. They were supposed to have icing hats on but I quickly discovered I’m rubbish at making things out of icing!

Despite the lack of hat decorations, I thought they looked quite nice but sadly the train journey squished in a cake tin did not serve them well. Needless to say I didn’t win but it was really fun and I got to take loads of cake home with me!
Next on my baking agenda was my first ever Clandestine Cake Club meeting courtesy of the Loughborough group.
With a Bake For Victory theme, the venue – the NAAFI tearoom at Great Central Railway’s Quorn and Woodhouse station – couldn’t have been more perfect.
In keeping with the theme, I baked a 1940s vinegar cake using a recipe from a book by a local author. Promise it tasted much nicer than it sounds (but forgot to take a picture).
It was technically for work but I now consider myself a member and hope to go to the next event in May. Just need to figure out what I can bake with a craft theme-any ideas would be more than welcome!
Last week I experimented with white chocolate and cherry brownies, which were lovely.

I also tried – and failed miserably – to make raspberry trifle cupcakes courtesy of Hummingbird.
For two nights running I attempted to make custard and failed both times so in an effort to make myself feel better (and not waste any more eggs or time) I turned them into raspberry and cream cupcakes instead, making buttercream using double cream.

Obviously not as impressive as they were supposed to be but they tasted lovely all the same. In case you’re wondering this is how they look inside:

Tomorrow I’m looking at Easter recipes. Wish me luck!


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