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If at first you don’t succeed…

18 Jan

2012 started with a bit of a baking disaster if I’m honest.

I thought I’d kick it off with a bang, trying out macaroons from my new Adriano Zumbo book.

Zumbo is a legend, as are his macaroons.
Mine were not.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have taken a look at his creations will know he’s a bit of a baking scientist and as such his recipes are quite complicated. I chose the least complicated, chocolate orange.

Naively I thought I’d try it out without a high temperature thermometer and without egg white powder (I substituted it with egg white) and it went HORRIBLY wrong (although strangely the boyfriend loved them-wierdo!)

Maybe it’s the Yorkshire in me but I refuse to be defeated. And so my stubbornness led me towards my Great British Bake Off book. It did not let me down.

This somewhat simpler mint chocolate macaroon recipe was still tricky and ridiculously time consuming but I’m pleased to say that, despite not having enough filling and being ‘turd’ shaped (as my friend Kerry said) rather than round and smooth, they worked.

And everyone at work seemed to enjoy them too!

I’ve now bought everything I need for the Zumbo recipe courtesy of the Dr Oetker website and eBay so I’m ready to try again.

Although if anyone can provide me with a quicker way of sieving ground almonds I’ll love you forever!