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Happy cakemas to me!

27 Dec

ANYBODY would think I liked baking if they saw the feast of gifts from Santa and my amazing friends this Christmas.

Pastry cutters, pastry tins, a new apron, rolling pin and four new recipe books (not forgetting the bake your own Christmas tree present bought for me by my friend Caroline). Sounds a bit like the 12 days of Christmas doesn’t it?

I can’t wait to get started. In the meantime I think I’d better clear some space in the kitchen…


The cake’s outing

17 Dec

IT’S taken a couple of months and a bit of TLC but the time is now here. The Christmas cake is ready for it’s outing.

Still not brilliant at icing cakes-it definitely looks like an amateur effort-but apparently I have improved since last time.

Troy thinks the snowman looks a bit lonely though!
I’ve done a close up on him so you can see him better. It may not be snowing in Derby but it is in my kitchen:

Now let’s just hope it tastes good…

Baking with the boyfriend

8 Dec

It may seem a bit strange to bake a lemon loaf in December but the boyfriend’s going home this weekend for an early Christmas and insisted that was what he took with him!

Who was I to say no?

He needed a helping hand and my tried and tested loaf from Hummingbird was the perfect accomplice (as well as having me by his side as his sous chef to guide him).


Christmas is coming

4 Dec

This weekend has been full of festive cheer in my household.
First we ventured down to the shed to fish out of Christmas decorations and chose our tree (real of course) then today I made mince pies.
This was a total first for me but I found a really easy recipe from the BBC Good Food website so thought I’d give it a try.
I cheated a bit by buying the mincemeat but I figured the pastry was enough to test me for one day.
The result? Well they look pretty amateurish and the pastry’s a bit thick but they taste like the real thing and are pretty good with a cup of tea!